Welcome to Ulrike Pieper, your upholsterer for garden and patio furniture …

Let’s go outside!

Welcome to my outdoor and upholstery world that resists to every weather – on the balcony or terrace, in the garden or on a boat.There is a continuous tendency to arrange the outdoor area in a more and more homelike and comfortable way. When acquiring garden furniture it is not only the aspect and function that counts but also cosiness and the quality of the upholstery. I have been working as a Master Upholsterer and Master Saddler for more than 30 years, with my own workshop in Denia on the sunny coast of Costa Blanca, manufacturing custom-made, durable cushions for all kinds of seating, divan beds, lounge furniture, and wicker beach chairs. I make a special point of quality using exclusive upholstery fabrics (such as Batyline, Cool Colors) which make the cushions.

  • UV resistant
  • not decomposable
  • resistant to mildew and resistant to saltwater.

On top of this, the upholstery resists to unusually high temperatures as it heats up by max. 25 p.c. less than normal. So dark tonalities are no problem any more!  I am looking forward to advising you considering your style, your demands, and your  personal taste to make your outdoor area a pleasant and attractive place to stay.

Outdoor Fabrics For Cushions – made for wind and weather


Living outside – a challenge for the cushions of your garden furniture! Upholstery fabrics exposed to the weather ought to be beautiful but, before all, durable and resistant as they have to cope with many exigencies being afflicted by sunrays, humidity and dirt. And here, cheap can soon become expensive if only one season managed to make your  cushions shabby or unusable.

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Protective Covers For Garden Furniture – Bad weather can come now!


Most of  the garden furniture is kept outside throughout the entire summer season, exposed to the weather. Rain, sunlight, wind and dirt work on them leading to deterioration. In order to keep your fourniture or wicker beach chair in a good state for a long time, suitable water-proof and UV-resistant covers will protect them from all those weather factors.

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Foam Material For Cushions – The insides count


Did you ever make this experience? After only one season in the open the seat cushions have gone saggy and, depending on the weather, the foam material crumbles, turns yellow and decomposes. Then, after sitting a little while, the clothes are feeling moist. This is annoying, as the cushions had not been a bargain buy.

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My Favourite Place – Swim up – The Floating Cushion

P1030243-1024x768Relaxing between pool and sunlounger – with only one cushion! Air mattresses are out. They have to be inflated, keep losing air and are beyond repair after one season. A unique, newly developed cushion, exclusively manufactured and marketed by me, …

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SUNSCREENS –  Opaque Outside – Transparent Inside

Voiles-USWhether you use the material as a protection from the sun in the garden, as an awning for your courtyard or on board of a boat – this worldwide patented technology of the company Serge Ferrari makes heat and solar radiation easy to bear since 80 p.c. of the radiation is reflected.

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